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Hello SCRA Members!


A note from Amy Tuschen our National Director  

Saturday, 18 May is Armed Forces Day, when we honor the women and men in each of the Armed Services. Be sure to find a local event and share in this special celebration of service members.  

Our partner 501(c)3, the Signal and Cyber Museum Society (SCMS) has a video we produced explaining their role, and the impact they had on the war effort.  You can find this and more historical shorts on our YouTube channel.  Be sure to like and subscribe to see additional items as they are added.  

We are pleased to update our members on activities happening within the SCRA (Signal Corps Regimental Association) with this newsletter. We continue to grow our membership and chapters and take feedback from chapter officers and active members to continue improving our organization. If you have feedback or other information you want on the site or that you would like to receive updates on, please send it our way.  


Message from our Chapter Mentor, COL Charles D. (Dean) Smith 

As a SCRA Chapter Mentor, I work with many chapters across the world to reestablish or rebuild membership in SCRA. We have noticed a challenge with email addresses and membership details. To ensure you receive information from SCRA HQs, we ask that you update your member profile at and you set as your primary main email address a civilian address with a .com extension. Our email delivery system has significant kickbacks from .mil email addresses. Also, if you have moved or are planning to move during this next PCS cycle, you can find a chapter close to you or associate with anyone worldwide who you want to support. Just update your member profile to show which chapter you want to be associated with. Thanks for all you do as SCRA members. Please reach out to me at with any questions or if there is any way I can help.  


– Request for Assistance – we need help to create workflows and processes. If you have any experience with WordPress or Office365 workflows, and are interested in assisting, please contact me at 


Upcoming Events/Chapter News: 

National Team – Augusta, GA 

Our team hosts in-person professional development events on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. These are open to any SCRA members who want to network or learn about the topics and are listed on the Signal School Facebook page. If you are interested in being a speaker for a future Professional Development event, reach out to us at If you want to see what events are upcoming, find us on Facebook at SCRASignalSchool and SCRA.National  

The topics vary from the SCCC CPT panel for the SBOLC students; other leadership panels, learning about military service from numerous Signal leaders and retirees in the Augusta area, specific topics like networking, obtaining certifications, and financial readiness. We can also record these and share with chapters to use as PD sessions, if interested reach out to  

Mount Ranier Chapter – JBLM, WA 

Signal Corps Regimental Association – Mt. Rainier Chapter Hosts Quarterly Chapter Meeting and Signal Senior Enlisted Discussion – 24 April 2024. For the full article visit the chapter page or click here!  


Ongoing & Upcoming Membership Drives 

Lightning Warrior Chapter – 22 April to 09 June 

North Star Chapter – 06 May to 22 June 

Mt. Rainier Chapter – Starting in June 

JSCE Striker Chapter – Starting in June 


Chapters can provide short updates, either for this newsletter or for our social media sites, of interest to their chapter and other members. Have any upcoming events or news for your chapter? Please contact and we can share your information in the next newsletter!  


Corporate Partnerships/Career Center: 

The SCRA has a Career center on our website available for members and their family members seeking employment. You must log in to the site to get access. Check it out here at the SCRA Careers site 

If your organization is interested in partnering with the SCRA, we have a Corporate Partnership program in place that allows them to get recognition and includes job postings in the SCRA Careers Center.  

Depending on the level, Gold, Silver, or Bronze, they also receive some individual memberships and recognition at National and Chapter events. For more info see the Corporate Partnerships Webpage  

We are starting an incentive for any chapter that encourages a corporate partner to sign up, that chapter will receive a finder’s fee for their role in getting them to sign up. Share with your potential Corporate Partners the information above.  



Learn about all the SCRA awards here: SCRA Awards 

If you have an upcoming Signal Ball or other unit event that you would like to present multiple awards, please remember to allow plenty of time for approval, payment, processing, and mailing. Also, we strongly encourage a single POC for these so we can keep communication organized and mail them together. Please enter the chapter awards POC in the award application regardless of who fills out the form. 

So far this year, we have presented the following awards to SCRA and Signal Corps Regiment contributors. We hope to continue seeing and awarding deserving members and volunteers in 2024! Check out all the award rosters on the website!  

51 Bronze Order of Mercury Awardees 

3 Silver Order of Mercury 

14 Bronze Wahatchee Awardees  

1 Silver Wahatchee Awardee 

3 Brevet Colonel Awards 


FAQs & Articles: 

We have created and will continue adding to our FAQs page which can be found on our site homepage!  

This Month’s FAQ: Can the 6-month membership requirement for the BOM (Bronze Order of Mercury) be waived? Check out the FAQ Page for our response.  

Articles that members can find useful from the past, as well as posts shared on our social media, can now be published on our website!  

Additionally, these newsletters will be shared on the website! Check out past newsletters here 



So far this year we have had 293 new members join the Association! Our current membership total is 6415 active members. 

Please mention these newsletters to anyone who is a member that may not have checked in recently! They may not receive our emails and need to update their contact info. Keep in mind that .mil email addresses do not receive notifications from the site (including this newsletter!). Members should use a personal/commercial email address. 

Are you aware that one of your membership incentives is also being a member of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA)? We provide membership information to the AUSA monthly, so if you hear from them about free membership, this is a legitimate incentive.  


Online Store: 

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Month, we have extended our 20% sale of all earrings through 31 May.  We have Regimental Crest Earrings and Signal Flag Earrings! Perfect for Mother’s Day (12 May), any special occasion, or upcoming Signal Ball. 


Museum Updates: 

As a reminder our 501(c)3 partner, the Signal and Cyber Museum Society (SCMS), is our designated donor for contributions submitted to the SCRA. We have received two $100K pledges from individuals for building the new museum. If you want to learn more, check out If you are interested in volunteering with the SCMS to help to bring back the Signal Corps Museum to the Augusta area, which permanently closed in February 2021, or to contribute to the virtual museum, reach out to  


Need info regarding chapters, our store, careers, or other SCRA topics? Visit our Contact Us page and send us an email! 

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