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We have evaluated our current membership and award rates and will be increasing these effective 1 January 2021. The last membership increase was 2013 and for awards was 2016.
The new rates are as follows:
• Memberships for E6, 2LT, WO1, GS9 and below – 1 year from $15 to $20, 3 year from $30 to $40, Lifetime membership $135 to $150
• All other Memberships – 1 year from $25 to $30, 3 year from $50 to $60, Life member $225 to $250
• Orders of Mercury (Bronze and Silver) and the Brevet Colonel will increase from $50 to $55 for the basic award package
• Wahatchee (Bronze and Silver) increase from $40 to $45 for the basic award package

Our Mission

The Signal Corps Regimental Association, or SCRA, is a private, nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for all active, reserve, and national guard, officers, warrant officers, enlisted members and civilians, as well as any former members of the Signal Corps to aid in preserving for posterity the proud heritage of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Regiment, and Signal units throughout the world.

Through direct financial support, the association will work to enhance the Regiment’s ability to recruit officers and warrant officers, recognize our Regiment’s NCO leaders during their NCOES, and contribute to events that encourage the community of our Regiment. The Association will also work to ensure the lessons of history and proud traditions of the Signal Regiment are not forgotten.

Our Purpose

  • Foster and preserve the Espirit, tradition and solidarity of the Regiment
  • Publicize and reinforce the goals of the Regiment such as to reinvigorate and reinforce mentorship
  • Foster excellence and belonging through the Orders of Mercury, Wahatchee or Brevet Colonel awards and recognition program for outstanding Signal Corps professionals and volunteers who have made significant contributions to both the Regiment and the Signal Corps Regimental Association.