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Please note that due to a recent security patch, any payments attempted on a .mil network will result in an error message. is not on the trusted sites list. Purchases of items, memberships, or awards must be made on a cellular or home network in order to succeed.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Please fill out all information for your membership to be processed. Please allow one week for your membership to be processed. Please do not try to access the site until you receive the confirmation email that your membership has been approved. If you login immediately, you will be prompted for another payment.

Please only fill out this form for your own membership. If you would like to purchase a gift membership for someone else, please do so herePurchase Gift Memberships“. If the gift membership is for an award nomination, you will receive the new member’s ID number with instructions for them to create their online profile. You must be logged in to purchase Gift Memberships, please contact Mrs. Morgan Wieckowski at if you are having trouble logging in.

Please check the box if you know you are being reviewed for an award.
Please note that 6 months minimum of active membership is required prior to receiving the BOM.
If there is not a chapter in your area, please select the one geographically closest to you.
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Please use civilian email address for primary. You WILL NOT receive notifications or confirmation emails if you use your .mil as primary (to include reset password link)
Please note E1-E6, O1, WO1, and GS1-GS9 receive discount on membership fee: $25 for 1 Year, $50 for 3 Years, and $175 for Lifetime Membership.
We will verify if you have had a previous membership. If this is a renewal you will not receive any of incentive options below as they are for new members.