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We are excited to help you host your Chapter Membership Drive!

There are a couple variations depending how you would like the drive set up. Once you decide on your variations please fill out the form to the right.

We will need a single chapter POC (The Membership Drive “Host”) to communicate with throughout the duration of the drive. Please provide the Host’s contact information in the form.

Chapter Membership Drive duration can be 30 or 45 days. Chapters may host one drive per calendar year.

Your membership drive will be accessed through this page! A QR code may be sent upon your request directly to the form.

Please review the information below and reach out to if you have any questions prior to completing your start-up form.

Membership Drive Rates

Ready to Host your Membership Drive?

Start-Up Form

Active & Upcoming Membership Drives

(NEW!) Mountain Messengers Chapter – 10 July to 10 August

Lightning Warrior Chapter – 29 June to 11 August

Denali Chapter – JBER, AK – 14 July to 17 August

1 Year

Standard – $35

Discounted – $30

3 Year

Standard – $70

Discounted – $60


Standard – $270

Discounted – $250

1 Year*

Standard – $25

Discounted – $20

3 Year*

Standard – $50

Discounted – $40


Standard – $175

Discounted – $155

*These rates apply to E1-E6, O1, WO1, and GS1-GS9. The standard rate is our normal discounted rate for any individual joining the SCRA within these ranks.

Price Variations

Fundraiser Version

The new member will pay the standard rate for their rank at the selected membership duration.

The price difference for each sign-up will be provided to the Chapter by SCRA National at the end of the drive.

Discount Version

The discounted rate is provided to the new member at the rank and selected membership duration.

This version encourages more new members, as they will only have the duration of the drive to receive these rates.

Membership Packets Variations

Traditional Packets Version

New members will have the option to receive a store credit, make a donation to the Signal Corps Museum, or the traditional membership packet.

We are able to provide these rates by shipping all of the new member packets to the Host at the end of the Membership Drive; rather than mailing out each individual packet.

If you are unable to collect and handoff all Chapter member packets. Please select “No Packet Version”.

No Packets Version

New members will have the option to make a donation to the Signal Corps Museum.

Donation amounts are $5 for One-Year, $10 for Three-Year, and $15 for Lifetime sign-ups.

The donation amount is included in their payment amount, no additional charge will apply.