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Do we have to have an EIN and be setup as a 501(c)(3) to be an non-profit?

According to the National Bylaws, the organization and chapters should be registered as a 501(c)(19) Veterans Service non-profit Organization, but each chapter is its own legal entity and could also establish a 501(c)(3) if they so choose.

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Can the 6-month membership requirement for the BOM be waived?


The BOM is not a participation award. For a member to receive the award, they must have made significant contributions to the SCRA, contributions that simply cannot be met in a 6 month period.

Further explanation of the 6-month membership requirement:

SCRA membership with a minimum of 6 months of active participation is required prior to receiving the BOM award.
The 6 month membership requirement for a BOM can be from a prior membership term providing there was not more than a 12-month lapse in membership time. In other words if you were a member 10 years ago for 3 years and recently renewed for an upcoming BOM award presentation, there still must be a 6-month consecutive membership duration from the new renewal.

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How is a chapter considered active?

A chapter is activated once the requirements are met on the procedures page.

Responsibilities for chapters to remain active can also be found on this page!

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How do I submit an award nomination?

All award nominations are to be submitted via online form.

Our awards page has links to each of our individual awards: BOM, SOM, BW, SW, & BC.

On the individual award page, you can navigate to the online application form by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

The application will ask for the POC information, awardee information, and the ability to upload your memo or document.




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Can an award be approved and submitted by the same person?

Yes! The award POC is simply the person who will be contacted regarding the nomination and be sent the link to purchase the award. The COL (or above) who approves the award may also be the POC/nominator. The POC may be anyone who can coordinate with SCRA National with any questions or tasks needed to present an award.

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Has this individual received the BOM (or other SCRA award)?

We have awardee rosters on each of our award pages! Go to the award page you are looking for, go to Award Roster, click within the list, ctrl+F, and search by name.


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How much does an SCRA award cost?

There are a number of options for each of our awards. These packages and prices can be found on our Awards page.

Please keep in mind that $25 fee is added to any award option that is paid for less than 30 days prior to the presentation date. This is not a rush shipping fee, but a convenience fee due to the volume of awards we process each month.

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Must the president of a local SCRA chapter be a COL? Other positions?

No, anyone (any rank or civilian) who is actively engaged in the chapter and willing to perform the expected duties may be a chapter president. This is true for all chapter positions.

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What is the turnaround time for an SCRA award?

While we always ask for a minimum 30 days notice, some variables will determine the total time from initial entry to receiving your award.

For the BOM, if all criteria is met and COL approved prior to submitting, you can receive your payment link within a week of the application being received.

If award must be reviewed by the board, expect an additional 2-3 business days added the process prior to payment link sent.

Engraving and printing will not occur until payment is made.

Framed awards can take up to 4 weeks* to prepare depending on the number of frames currently in process. Orange folder awards can be prepared within a week of payment being received.

On average, if not ordering a framed award, please allow at least 2 full weeks from online nomination submission to award in the mail.

There is an additional $25 fee for all awards paid for less than 30 days from the presentation date. This is not a rush shipping fee, but a convenience fee due to the volume of awards we process each month.

*Please note that we do not prepare the frames in house. We rely on a local frame shop in Augusta, GA who has done phenomenal work for the SCRA for decades.

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How can I find the SCRA member number of a current member?

While logged in, hover over Memberships on home menu and click “Member Directory” Access the directory by clicking the large orange button. Expand “Edit Search Criteria”* at the top of the page. Here you can search for a current member by rank, first or last name, or chapter.

*Please note that the site search bar does not work within the directory.

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How can I change my contact info? (rank, email, phone number, chapter, etc)

While logged in, click “Your Profile” at the top of the page (next to Cart). Here you can update your rank and chapter after a promotion or PCS, you may update your email address, mailing address, and phone number as well.

If you need to change your first or last name, or if your award information (BOM or SOM) is missing from your profile, please email as these must be modified by an admin of the site.

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