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A note from our National Director, Amy Tuschen

This month in Signal Corps history: After World War I, the Army’s cryptographic elements were transferred from Military Intelligence to the Signal Corps at Fort Monmouth. On October 5, 1942, the Cryptographic Division transferred from Fort Monmouth to Vint Hill Farms Station, VA, and became known as the Signal Corps Cryptographic School. It trained both officers and enlisted students in two shifts until the new facilities were completed in May 1943.

It is our pleasure to update our members on activities happening within the SCRA. We will routinely send out these newsletters to keep you informed. Please tell us if you have feedback or other information you want on the site or receive updates about. Chapters can provide short updates, either for this newsletter or for our social media sites, of interest to their chapter and other members.

The SCRA Website:


Upcoming Events/Chapter News:

National Team – Augusta, GA

We continue hosting in-person professional development events on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. These are open to any SCRA members who want to network or learn about the topics. These vary from the SCCC CPTs panel for the SBOLC students; to learning about military service from numerous retirees in the Augusta area, specific topics like networking, obtaining certifications, and financial readiness.

If you want to be a presenter for a future session, reach out to us at If you want to see what events are upcoming, find us on Facebook at SCRASignalSchool and SCRA.National

Have any upcoming events or news for your chapter? Please contact and we can share your information in the next newsletter!



We sent out a request last month to all active chapters with a link to submit an annual report due on 31 DEC ensuring that the minimum criterion for a chapter is met. If you did not receive this email, and are a POC or Officer of a chapter, please reach out to for the link. Any Chapter that does not submit their report by the end of the calendar year will be considered “INACTIVE”.

We hope to initiate these changes to be consistent across all chapters and potentially provide some financial support through a rebate program for chapters as we have been able to do in the past. Be sure to update your chapter affiliation in order to help your chapter with their reporting!

We are working on a Chapter Officer’s Handbook and updating forms and reporting requirements for all chapters.  Expect to see this soon on the Chapter Requirements page

We are starting an incentive for any chapter that encourages a corporate partner to sign up, that chapter will receive a finder’s fee for their role in getting them to sign up.  For more information, see the below section on Corporate Partnerships.



We recently added a special gunmetal grey pocketknife to our online store.  This is custom engraved for the SCRA and conveniently on a key ring.  Check it out here!

We are also asking for input on what you would like to see in the store, please take a moment to fill out this form!

If you know of a vendor or know of a specific item you want in the store, please email us.   Preference is given to veteran-owned companies.


Corporate Partnerships:

If your organization is interested in partnering with the SCRA, we have a partnership program in place that allows them to get recognition and includes some job postings in the SCRA Careers Center.

Depending on the level, Gold, Silver, or Bronze, they also receive some individual memberships and recognition at National and Chapter events.   For more info see the Corporate Partnerships Webpage



Learn about all the SCRA awards here: SCRA Awards

So far this year, we have recognized individuals for supporting the Association and the Regiment!

140 Bronze Order of Mercury Awardees

22 Bronze Wahatchee Awardees

2 Silver Wahatchee Awardee

15 Brevet Colonel Awardees


FAQs & Articles:

We have created and will continue adding to our FAQs page which can be found on our site homepage!

Articles that members can find useful from the past, as well as posts shared on our social media can now be published on our website!

Additionally, these newsletters will be shared on the website! Are you still reading this newsletter via email? Find this on the site and leave a comment with the name of the chapter nearest you for a chance at $10 off in our store! While you are at it, assign yourself to that chapter in your profile!



514 New Members and 185 Renewals to the SCRA so far in 2023! Our current members total is 6130.

Please mention these newsletters to anyone who is a member that may not have checked in recently! They may not receive our emails and need to update their contact info. Keep in mind that .mil email addresses do not receive notifications from the site. Members should use a personal/commercial email address.

Need info regarding chapters, our store, careers, or other SCRA topics? Visit our Contact Us page and send us an email!

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