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Reinstate/Activate Chapter Procedures

Thank you for your interest in activating a SCRA Local Chapter!

Please ensure there is not currently an active chapter in your area before starting this process. The current chapters can be located on our Chapters Map. If your local chapter is dormant please reactivate the existing chapter by name instead of creating a new one. The following are instructions and documentation links to establish a chapter.

The Army Regulation that governs Private Organizations on Department of the Army Installations is AR 210-22. While we, National, do not have any requirements regarding AR 210-22, please familiarize yourself with the details when affiliating with a base or camp. You should also confirm there are no other post requirements specific to your location in addition to the checklist provided below. 

In order to activate or re-activate a chapter please complete the following checklist. Upon completion of the Letter of Intent (LOI Form), the chapters coordinator will be in touch to work through remaining items.

  1. Letter of Intent (Form)
  2. Identify minimum of 5 chapter officers* (including, but not limited to) 
    1. President 
    2. Vice President 
    3. Secretary/Treasurer (may be 1 person or 2 people) 
    4. VP Memberships 
    5. VP Awards
  3. Recruit a minimum of 10 additional members 
  4. Host a Membership Drive
  5. Propose a New Chapter Name or Locate the previous chapter name
  6. We highly recommend setting up a social media/Facebook page 
  7. Acknowledge SCRA National Bylaws & complete chapter bylaws – submit to the Chapters Coordinator
  8. Complete/update information form  

Additional responsibilities for an Active Chapter throughout the year include:

  1. Annual report submitted to the Chapters Coordinator
  2. Voting and Installation of chapter officers (minimum every 2 years)
  3. Identify if you have an O6/award approver affiliated with your chapter
  4. Recruit local Corporate Sponsors
  5. Notify Chapters Coordinator if/when chapter officer is replaced due to PCS or change in status
  6. Reference & Utilize the chapters handbook

Maintain contact with the National SCRA Office.  If you have any questions about organizing your chapter, please contact COL Charles (Dean) Smith at