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Reinstate/Activate Chapter Procedures

Thank you for your interest in activating a SCRA Local Chapter!

Please ensure there is not currently an active chapter in your area before starting this process. The following are instructions and documentation links to establish a chapter.

The Army Regulation that governs Private Organizations on Department of the Army Installations is AR 210-22. Please be familiar with this regulation and its contents.

Please keep in mind that some of the following procedures are Army Requirements, some are required by the National Chapter of SCRA, some are required by the Internal Revenue Service, and others are required by your local area.

  1. Read the Constitution and Bylaws of the National SCRA. Please ensure your local group complies with the articles that describe a chapter’s relationship with National Headquarters.
  2. Optional: Obtain an Employer Identification Number. If you intend to create a tax exempt fundraising bank account, this is a quick online form which will immediately provide you a number to be submitted to the National Chapter of SCRA. Please have this number ready when filling out the following New Chapter Request Form.
    1. Please follow this link to complete the free online application: Employer Identification Number Application
  3. Fill out the New Chapter Request Form (This requires that you have a current SCRA Membership). This form will replace the previously sent letter. Information requested includes:
    1. A proposed Chapter Name (if not reinstating a previously active chapter).
    2. Chapter Location
    3. Chapter EIN (See Number 2 above)
    4. Number of Members. May be current SCRA Members or Individuals you recruit.
    5. Elected Officers and Contact Information. Multiple VP positions may be held by an individual.
      1. President
      2. VP Programs
      3. VP Public Affairs/Awards
      4. VP Membership
      5. Secretary/Treasurer
    6. Confirmation of Permission Granted by Installation Commander
    7. Chapter Website/Facebook Page (We highly recommend creating a Facebook Page for your Chapter.)
  4. Maintain contact with the National SCRA Office via involvement on the website. If you have any questions about organizing your chapter, please contact Mrs. Morgan Wieckowski at or via call/text: 706-831-3744.
Reinstate/New Chapter Request Form