Membership Drive Start-Up Form 2022-03-09T11:57:39-05:00
- Fundraiser Version - The new member will pay the standard rate for their rank at the selected membership duration. The price difference for each sign-up will be provided to the Chapter.
- Discount Version - The discounted rate is provided to the new member at the rank and selected membership duration.
- Traditional Packets - Members will have option of store credit, museum donation, or packet. If new members select the traditional packet, ALL packets will be mailed to the Membership Drive Host at the end of the Drive to hand out.
- No Packets - New members will have the option to receive a credit to our online store or make a donation to the Former Signal Corps Museum. No packets will be mailed.
Please allow 2-3 business days to prepare your membership drive sign-up forms.
The sign-up forms will be automatically shut down at midnight after the selected duration has passed.
The QR code will direct users to the Chapter Page.