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Proceeds from this book go to the US Army Signal Corps Museum at Fort Gordon. 

Author: Jeff Foley

BRAVE Business Leadership

In the immortal words of management thought leader Peter Drucker: “The army trains and develops more leaders than do all other institutions put together—and with a lower casualty rate.”

Helping to develop competent, confident leaders was the task that brought General Jeff Foley the most joy during his career in the United States Army. Developing leaders remains a joy in his life today. Since 1775, the US Army has been refining its methods for creating brave leaders capable of decisive action. Based on his own experiences, General Foley became inspired to capture the essence of what he has learned into the practical, proven BRAVE methodology, which can be immediately applied to leaders at all levels in the business world.



Jeffrey W. Foley hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, graduated from West Point, and served 32 years in the United States Army earning the rank of Brigadier General. Throughout his military career he served in leadership positions around the world, in constantly changing environments, adapting to new organizations, all the time focused on the accomplishment of the mission and taking care of people. He is a speaker, author, and leadership consultant focused on coaching executives and helping them build high performing organizations.

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