• Proceeds from this book go to the US Army Signal Corps Museum at Fort Gordon Authors: Perry M. Smith & Jeffrey W. Foley Rules and Tools for Leaders offers insightful and useful advice that avoids the flavor-of-the-month management theories that are long on speculation and short on practical application. This is a fully revised, updated, and reorganized edition of a classic management handbook. It never loses sight of the big picture of how any company should operate. It provides useful and time-tested advice that can be implemented immediately to the benefit of the entire organization. From defining the qualities of outstanding leaders to putting good leadership skills into practice, from managing yourself and others to handling the difficult tests that leadership brings, this book includes valuable checklists and reviews. In addition, it highlights some of the best leadership programs and presents a host of compelling and instructive anecdotes that illustrate the ideas throughout. About the Authors: Jeffrey W. Foley hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, graduated from West Point, and served 32 years in the United States Army earning the rank of Brigadier General. Throughout his military career he served in leadership positions around the world, in constantly changing environments, adapting to new organizations, all the time focused on the accomplishment of the mission and taking care of people. He is a speaker, author, and leadership consultant focused on coaching executives and helping them build high performing organizations. Perry M. Smith is a teacher, speaker, TV and radio commentator and best-selling author. Hundred of millions of television viewers world-wide came to know him during the 1991 Persian Gulf War for his more than 100 appearances as a military analyst for the Cable News Network, the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour and NBC news. A retired major general, Smith served for 30 years in the U. S. Air Force. During his career he had a number of leadership experiences, including command of the F-15 fighter wing at Bitburg, Germany where he provided leadership to 4000 personnel. Later, he served as the top Air Force planner and as the commandant of the National War College.
Smith’s total number of flying hours as a pilot (mostly in fighter aircraft: F-84, F-100, F-4 and F-15). is 3400 He flew 180 combat missions in the F-4D aircraft over North Vietnam and Laos during the Vietnam War.
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  • Author: Jack Jacobs and Douglas Century A Medal of Honor recipient looks back at his own service in the Vietnam War—and ahead to America’s future. Jack Jacobs was acting as an advisor to the South Vietnamese when he and his men came under devastating attack. Wounded, 1st Lt. Jacobs took command and withdrew the unit, returning again and again, saving fourteen lives—for which he received the Medal of Honor. Here, Col. Jacobs tells his stirring story of heroism, honor, and the personal code by which he has lived his life, and expounds with blunt honesty and insight his views on our contemporary world, and the nature and necessity of sacrifice. If Not Now, When? is a compelling account of a unique life at both war and peace, and the all-too-often unexamined role of the citizenry in the service and defense of the Republic. About the Author Jack Jacobs retired from the Army as a full Colonel in 1987, after more than twenty years of service. Today, he is widely regarded as one of the world’s most knowledgeable—and outspoken—military analysts. His career has bridged the disparate worlds of the military, business and academia. Jacobs serves on a number of charitable boards of directors and is the Vice Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. He holds the McDermott Chair of Humanities and Public Affairs at the US Military Academy and appears about 500 times annually on television, commenting on defense issues, terrorism, and international affairs.
  • Custom made, limited edition 160 Year Signal Corps silk scarf/pocket square. Measures 14.5" square. Artist: Lan Dalat. https://landalat.myportfolio.com/projects All Proceeds go to the Signal and Museum Society (FGHMS) https://secureourstory.org
  • Memoirs of a Combat Service Support Soldier By: CW4 (Retired) Kenneth B.N. "Pete" Hill About the Book The Vietnam War was finally over, but not officially ended. That would not happen until August of 1975. The years leading up to that date found the Army with low mo- rale and low troop numbers. The time was right for a young painter from Pasadena, Texas to enlist and try to forge his own path. At the time the Army was accepting indi- viduals who wanted to join the ranks but that had not completed High School, that was his only chance and he took it. This book describes his journey from the rank of Buck Private (E1) to Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4). Honing his skills and craft along the way with his myriad of worldwide assignments. He started as a mechanic in support units and ended running some of the Army's largest maintenance facilities. In his later career, he was even asked to assist in rewriting Army Regulations and briefing Generals in the Pentagon. The road was not always paved, and in some cases, it was pot marked with huge craters that had to be pole-vaulted over to achieve his goal. His journey takes him around the world and through various positions and historic Di- visions. Starting his career in the famous 82nd Airborne Division set the tone for his duty performance for the next twenty- eight years. Tours in Germany during the Cold War honed his ability to succeed in the Army Logistical World. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. About the Author CW4 (Ret) Kenneth B.N. "Pete" Hill is a native of Pasadena, Texas where he spent his formative years after his family settled there in the early '60s. He joined the Army in 1974 and was appointed a W01, 630A, Automotive Maintenance Technician in 1987. He retired from active duty in 2002 and retired again from civil service in 2020. Pete was inducted into the Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame in 2006 and the Eagle Rising Society / Warrant Officer Hall of Fame in 2018. He is a Demonstrated Master Logistician. Pete and his family reside in Enterprise, Alabama. *All Funds raised through the sale of this book are donated to the GEN Dennis L. Via All Airborne Signal Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association Scholarship Fund. https://www.airbornesignal.com/ ** All Proceeds that SCRA receive go to the https://gordonhistoricalmuseum.org/