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Chief Signal Officers and Chief’s of Signal
By Tenure (1860-2010)

This is a chronological listing of tenures of designated Signal Corps branch chiefs since the establishment of the position of Signal officer within the US Army force structure on 21 June 1860.

To date there have been 34 distinct tenures or administrations of this position. However, only 33 individuals have held this position as one officer, Albert J. Myer, served two tenures as the Chief Signal Officer.

Chief of Signal Tenure
1. MAJ Albert J. Myer 1860-1863
2. LTC William J.L. Nicodemus 1863-1864
3. COL Benjamin F. Fisher 1864-1866
4. Col. Albert J. Myer (promoted to Brigadier General 16 June 1880) 1866-1880
5. BG William B. Hazen 1880-1887
6. BG Adolphus W. Greely 1887-1906
7. BG James Allen 1906-1913
8. BG George P. Scriven 1913-1917
9. BG George O. Squier (promoted to Major General 6 October 1917) 1917-1923
10. MG Charles McK. Saltzman 1924-1928
11. MG George S. Gibbs 1928-1931
12. MG Irving J. Carr 1931-1934
13. MG James B. Allison 1935-1937
14. MG Joseph O. Mauborgne 1937-1941
15. MG Dawson Olmstead 1941-1943
16. MG Harry C. Ingles 1943-1947
17. MG Spencer B. Akin 1947-1951
18. MG George I. Back 1951-1955
19. LTG James D. O'Connell 1955-1959
20. MG Ralph T. Nelson 1959-1962
21. MG Earle F. Cook 1962-1963
22. MG David P. Gibbs 1963-1964

A major reorganization of the Department of the Army on 1 August 1962 placed the Chief Signal Officer under the general staff supervision of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCSOPS). According to Department of the Army General Order 28 dated 28 February 1964, the Chief Signal Officer became the Chief of Communications-Electronics under DCSOPS and no longer held the duties as branch proponent for the Signal Corps.

Beginning with the implementation of the U.S. Army Regimental System in 1986, the commandant of the U.S. Army Signal School was additionally designated as the Chief of Signal and the branch proponent for all Signal Soldiers and organizations in the US Army.

Chief of Signal Tenure
23. MG Thurman D. Rodgers 1986
24. MG Bruce R. Harris 1986-1988
25. MG Leo M. Childs 1988-1990
26. MG Peter A. Kind 1990-1991
27. MG Robert E. Gray 1991-1994
28. MG Douglas D. Buchholz 1994-1996
29. MG Michael W. Ackerman 1996-1998
30. BG Peter M. Cuviello (promoted to MG 1 June 2000) 1998-2000
31. BG John P. Cavanaugh (promoted to MG 1 Sep 2001) 2000-2002
32. BG Janet E.A. Hicks (promoted to MG 1 Jan 05) 2002-2005
33. BG Randolph P. Strong 2005-2007
34. BG Jeffrey W. Foley 2007-

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