28th Signal Society Chapter

Our Mission: Our charter provides support for all active, reserve, and national guard, officers, warrant officers, enlisted members and civilians, as well as any former members of the Signal Corps to aid in preserving for posterity the proud heritage of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Regiment, and Signal units.

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28th Signal Society
ATTN: CW2 Anthony W. Todd, VP Membership
3401 Olyphant Avenue
Scranton, PA 18509
President: SGM David W. Haught
COM: (717) 861-3946
Email: david.w.haught@us.army.mil
VP: CPT Mark C. Campbell
COM: (814) 404-6801
Email: mark.c.campbell@us.army.mil
Treasurer: BG (R-PA) James W. Thompson
COM: (724) 836-7012
Email: james.thompson16@us.army.mil
Secretary: MAJ Eric Smith
COM: (717) 861-2074
Email: erik.v.smith@us.army.mil
VP Programs: CW2 David J. Kerin
COM: (717) 787-1810
Email: david.kerin@us.army.mil
VP Memberships: CW2 Anthony W. Todd
COM: (507) 496-8678
Email: anthony.w.todd.mil@mail.mil
VP Public Affairs: 1LT Richard Heater
COM: (717) 860-2023
Email: richard.heater@us.army.mil